Odour & Dust Solutions Ltd

Odour & Dust Solutions Ltd specialise in odour control, dust control and dust suppression. Based in Ayrshire, they have customers across the UK, including landfill sites and sewage works.

What we do for them

Tennamast supplies Odour & Dust Solutions with masts and various steelwork for one of their deodorising products, the Mobile Atomiser. This mobile spray machine is mounted onto a trailer to give it height – a fairly small mast is needed for this purpose, and so we tailor our standard 3 section mast to fit as required. We provide them with a quick turnaround, delivering a quality product which exactly meets their needs.

What they think of us

“Tennamast is a brilliant example of a small, local company who take good care of their customers and deliver quality goods. They have been supplying us with various mast products for years and we have not once had any problems. They are great people to deal with and I’ve recommended them many times.” Gary Thomson, Managing Director, Odour & Dust Solutions Ltd.